Chichester Head shots
Chichester Head shots

striking headshots for actors, professionals etc based in chichester

headshots west sussex and Brighton
headshots west sussex and Brighton

Head-shots West sussex for modeling
Head-shots West sussex for modeling

Chichester Head shots
Chichester Head shots

striking headshots for actors, professionals etc based in chichester


Matt Ryle Photography based in Chichester West Sussex, I specialize in west Sussex weddings, shooting industry leading head shots and heirloom family photography. Either from our studio a stones through from Chichesters town center or out on location more cinematic style shoots. 


With great links direct from Brighton, Southampton and London I my aim to always challenge my self and to go above and beyond what you can dream of getting out of the shoot or wedding day.

I have been a successful full time professional photographer for almost 10 and love everything about photography.


I specialize in Weddings, head shots and family photography all around the country but spend most of my time in the beautiful country side of West Sussex and near by counties of Sussex, Kent, Surrey and Hampshire.


There are so many beautiful locations to shoot a session with you, whether its a windy walk up on the south downs national trust land through the ancient woodlands of Kingly Vale, or along the stunning sandy beaches of East head at the Witterings, or possibly just strolling though the old lanes in the vibrant city of Chichester, Brighton or Portsmouth to name a few. We will find a location that suits your needs perfectly.


Here at Mattrylephotography taking photos is more than just pressing a button, It is a intimate process which is complex and involved, balancing light and shadow, the environment and the clients feelings all into one moment. 

I personally feel that the best photographs are those which can capture the  true feeling of a place or take a glimpse into the character of the subject in that given moment. People can often feel self-conscious being photographed and so my aim is to create a relaxed atmosphere, using the natural environment and a documentary style, rather than a more traditionally staged environment, you will never hear the words smile on the count of three coming from my mouth, its all about a fun interaction and capturing that naturally.


Lighting in photography is everything, with the advancements in camera technology it is really one of the only remaining things separating professionals from everyone else.


Natural light can be stunning for photography, and will always be the first and best option that we seek out here at Matt ryle photography. However natural light only photography is, I believe a totally miss sold style of photography. Natural light only photographers sell a ideal of capturing light as we see it with our own eyes, however, this is where I believe it is being miss sold, the human eye is incredibly talented at distinguishing between light and dark, and every shade in between for that matter, we can look at a very bright blue sky on a summers day and at the same time see almost all the details a subjects face being back lit by this. Now if you go outside now and try to do this on your phone or if you have it Dslr or mirror less camera of any sort one of three things will happen. If you are shooting in manual you will either have to expose for the Sky or your subject, if you are shooting in automatic as your phone probably will be it will choose this for you (it may have a HDR mode, which attempts very badly to mash several different exposures together) If we expose for the sky, our subject will be very dark, sometimes even silhouetted, if we expose for the subject, we can get a lovely exposure on them, however the background/sky will be a blown out overexposed white mess, my point being, this is absolutely nothing like what our eyes see. 


As beautiful as it can be, the reality is that natural light photography will only only work 5% of the time. even down here in the sunny south of the UK West Sussex we still mainly contend with sub optimal weather conditions.


So to truly capture how our eyes see in day to day life we need to first cut bad light with diffusers, and then add beautiful soft light back in with off camera flash, it must be done subtly, but done right you will pop out in a vibrant wonderful image rather than a flat lifeless one. Any photographers who tells you they are natural light photographers only, will either be extremely limited to the time of day you can shoot, or truth be told create very underwhelming images. 

Click here to find out more about Matt Ryle Photography west Sussex wedding photography packages. I travel all around the south of England, shooting weddings , from my local city of Chichester to all over Kent, Surrey and Hampshire. Whether you are planning two years in advance or have a last minuet booking we will try our best to help.

Every couple wants to remember their day in all Its glory, and a professional wedding photographer is integral to this. What is also integral is that as photographers we do not take over your wedding day. My main aim along side capturing timeless photos of your special day is to be unobtrusive and blend into the back round

Taking photos of families is a wonderful thing to be able to do as a photographer in West Sussex. Capturing heirloom images to pass down through the generations. I love wondering round the local woodlands, or on a sandy beach taking in all the love and happiness of the day out. I also offer more formal studio shoots for those who want this style. For more info on our family photography packages click above

"Personal tailored headshots are crucial to good results, there's no such thing as a one size fits all. Whether you are sending out your headshots for casting calls as a actor or actress, to a modeling agency or just for a more professional look with your linkedin or facebook profiles, the images I capture of you will be entirely tailored to your specific goals, and of course face. 


Sessions are available on location for a beautiful cinematic look, or in my studio for a more traditional headshot. Having the whole session to focus on one person really allows me to capture the subjects personality in a far more intimate way. 

I also work with Child actors creating dramatic one of a kind Child headshots that will help your little one move forward in their career 

"photography of new born babies and toddlers is one of the most magical and privileged experiences I get to have as a Photographer. It is always a time full of life, energy and love, and something which should absolutely be captured in all its glory. My approach is similar to a wedding day. For most parents this will be the most magical and profound time of their life, I want to capture this for them to savoir for ever, but I also want to be completely unnoticed. "

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Address : Adelaide road, Chichester, West Sussex

Contact telephone : 07855736899

Matt Ryle Photography

West Sussex Photographer specialising in headshot, Weddings, portrait and editorial photography providing industry leading headshots for actors, actresses business portraits, children headshots and writers singers musicians fitness yoga and models.  Stunning photography for self-promotion, agents, marketing, websites, magazine editorials. My studio is located just outside of Chichester, with amazing easy links via train from Brighton, Portsmouth, Southampton and London 

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