New Born Baby Photography


To keep things simple I offer two packages for New Born photo shoots:


A one to one hour long shoot  This shoot is for just focusing on the beautiful new Baby that has arrived, using either natural light and settings or props if wanted and pre agreed. costing £200.

I aim to get at least 5 photographs, possibly more, but the emphasis is on capturing those golden moments; quality over quantity. The images will be fully edited where appropriate and supplied in full resolution on a memory stick, ready to print or post online. Alternatively, I can simply email them over to you.




The second option is the Family pack (for up to 3 people including the baby). I allow up to 2 hours for this type of shoot, the idea is to try and get some magical moments of Mum and Dad with the new baby, or possibly grandparents etc. and I aim to get at least 10 shots (possibly more depending on how happy and compliant the kids/adults are). This package cost £300 and includes a memory stick containing all the images or again, it can simply be emailed straight to you

Please contact for pricing for larger groups.

High quality Prints are available at  an additional £10 per print up to a4 size.

Taking photos for new family's of there precious new baby is such a special event to be part of. The begging of life is such an amazing journey and my opinion is that it should be recorded at every opportunity possible.

New born photography is such can be challenging, baby's don't always play ball with what we hope they might do, and this is why I allow a minimum of an hour photo shoot. I only need 10-15 minuets to get some golden images for you, but it can easily take the whole hour before we get those 10 minuets where baby is playing ball. 

If you have any specific ideas about certain images you might like to try and get then please discuss them with me before the shoot, I will always try my best to for fill what vision you have, but also suggest its best to stay as open minded as possible, go with the flow off how the baby is feeling and trust me that you will look back on the photos for the rest of your life with feelings of happiness from those first few months with your precious child

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