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A Professional Headshot That Costs Just £1.62 per/month

Headshot photography has traditionally been reserved to the likes of actors, sporting professionals and ceo's of big companies

The reality of the world we live in now however is that almost everyone needs or could benefit from a good Headshot. For better or worse we are living in a digital world which runs on a very visual platform, in the uk alone in 2018 there was 22.22 million Instagram users, 36.34 million Facebook users and over 20 million LinkedIn users.

Actor headshots Chichester West Sussex

Having a professional looking headshot is essential for your business to look professional. Whether you are already part of a big company looking to stand out in the mass or a individual seeking work, no matter what job application you are applying for having a professional image of yourself is invaluable. If you are a small business owner, people need to know who you are and having a high quality head shot of your self portrays a professional image that will help that journey of building trust with your clients.

If you are one of the 20 million LinkedIn users that source new contacts and leads via the platform, you need a professional head shot.

If you are some one looking to join a dating site there is no better way of showing you at your best than with a high quality headshot, hopefully the connection will go deeper than just looks, but getting the jump on everyone else by having a well lit, flattering photo taken of you is always going to help (and there's no shame in it).

Both Facebook and Instagram are almost entirely image based forums, having a updated professional image of your self as a small business is a must. Or if you are just a casual user it will almost certainly help your self of steam to have a nice photo of yourself, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look your best, if we are all honest every time we take a selfie its all we are attempting to do anyway.

Really the question is who do you know that wouldn't benefit from a good quality head shot.?

The Cost

When I talk to clients about a headshot being an investment, I genuinely mean it.

For working professional like actors, Athletes and dancers etc they might update there headshots once a year to keep agencies up to date with any new look they may have, so with my rates hear at Matt Ryle Photography (starting from £195 for 5 headshots with 5 different looks) that means each head shot only cost you the equivalent of £0.10 pence per day, or £3.25 a month if you update your shots once a year

For my clients that want social media, dating profiles or simply a LinkedIn profile picture, they might only refresh these with me once every 2 years or so, So all of a sudden that is only costing them £0.05 per day or £1.62 per month if you break down the £195 over the time you will be using the shots. When you break it down into these numbers £195 all of a sudden seems like the deal of the century.

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Styles of head shots:

At Matt Ryle Photography I offer a few different options on styles of headshots, some people need the ultra clean, white/grey background, simple and clean and to the point, some people want a really dramatic look, almost cinematic feel to the images which I create using a few different lights setups and specific locations around Chichester and surrounding West Sussex. And then some clients may just want something really natural feeling and authentic, like they really could have just been out for a walk. For these shots we do pretty much just that, We take a flask and head out into the trees and woodlands of West Sussex.

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(This was a more cinematic style Headshots for a young actress in training from Sussex)

Cinematic Headshots West SussexChichester

This image was of a Lovely lady having some headshots taken for several reasons, she wanted to get into some "extras work" she also wanted a few lovely shots to print and give to her mother who lives in Australia. and even a few for a dating profile (big thumbs up and good for her)

Natural feel outdoor Headshots for online dating profile

LinkedIn Profile Headshots West Sussex

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