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Best way to choose the photographer in West Sussex that is right for you

If you Google Photographer West Sussex right now you will bombarded with endless pages of potential photographers to choose from. I personally always find it difficult when using google to decipher the good from the bad and then actually choose between the good options that I find.

Here are some key tips that I think will help you find a photographer that will work well for what you want to achieve.

1. Be specific in your search

If for example you really want to find a West Sussex Head shot photographer that exactly what you need to type into google, being specific will narrow the field at least to a county.

2. Look at quality and quantity of images. Now i'm all about quality over quantity, I would always take 4 or 5 amazing head shots over 30 average photos. However the chances are you will find lots of photographers that have done one or two head shots sessions and are claiming to specialize in this the same can be said for all areas of photography, whether its wedding Family shoots etc. Now you may end up loving what they have done in those couple of images, but my worry would be if they can consistently reproduce the shots time and time again with no failures, some one that does this part time is not going to have the consistency of a full time pro so make sure to find someone with a good full portfolio of images. For example head shot photography, is in my opinion, a particular art form, its one of the most intense genres out there. You are one to one with a client for usually at least an hour if not longer, being able to get the most out of them for the whole time takes years of experience as a working photographer.

West Sussex head shot photography, portfolio session

3. Search Google images.

A great way to find a photographer in your area that has the style you are looking for or like is to search google images (with the specific search criteria we used in the normal search bar. Most photographers websites will label there images with something called Alt text, this allows us to give a description of the image, or some information about how, where and why it was taken. For example my image above was taken a few weeks ago on a shoot in Chichester, and I used the alt text of "West Sussex head shot photography, portfolio session" or the image below is "Actors headshots in Chichester City walls" These is supper specific but that kind of the point, it means if someone searches some of those words in google, hopefully my image will be one they might see.

Actors headshots in Chichester City walls

4. Give them a call.

I think speaking to someone over the phone is so much easier than via email, but also I think its more simple to get an idea of whether you and the photographer will get along. A shoot with awkward silences is definitely not going to produce good shots for you.

5. Check out reviews on google maps section

Whether you consider it a positive or negative we live in a world now where information is available to the masses at a click of a button. If you search google maps for Sussex photographers or anything similar you can then search through what people have said about their experiences with the photographer, you can also filter "worst reviews" if that something you want to do, It can be handy to know on the occasions it hasn't gone write for a particular photographer what that client went through and why they where dissatisfied with the service.

Woodland Photo shoot in West Sussex Chichester Matt Ryle Photography

I hope you found this blog useful and now feel confident to go out and source a photographer for yourself. If you need any more information please feel free to send me a message or comment below.

Singing out. Matt.

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