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2021 Highlights

2021 Highlights

Who Are B Curious Productions?


We are a family business and we love having the opportunity to learn about projects, people and their stories that we may never have encountered otherwise.


Our vision is simple; be curious and the rest will come. We create videos that highlight the best parts of humanity, so that more people have the chance to learn about things outside of their own experiences.


We believe that by spending the extra time to capture the essence of a company or individual and by establishing a human connection, we can create films that bring people back together in a world where we are drifting further apart. 

Film is a more inclusive medium that can connect to people through  both auditory and visual senses. 

In 2020, videos accounted for 80% of all online traffic. We recognise how important a well told video format story is to your business and we will put all of our energy into creating the perfect content for you. 

Film is one of the most powerful mediums online to bring awareness to an idea, whether it is for a large corporation, small business or an individual looking for personal branding.

Branding films should be more than a simple piece of content to post online,  they are a direct representation of your company’s identity and the opportunity to share your why, what and how with a larger audience.


These types of films can also last years, depending on the nature of change within your organization and the initial investment becomes increasingly easy to justify as time passes.


Who are you? what does your business do and what story are you trying to tell. What is at the heart of your project

Story Board

Where the ideas are laid down. The planning phases is so crucial to spend time on, you can not expect a high quality production without knowing how the idea is supposed come together, key ideas we need to capture and outside influences we may want to involve or avoid.

Where the fun really begins. Using a combination of the latest mirrorless cameras, and highest quality lenses from Canon uk we start the process of recording the story. For steady cinimatic style footage we also utilize Sliders, Gimbals and all sorts of other camera geekery. 



Seeing the project come to life. We always get butterflies when we first start importing the footage and audio. You get an idea of how the project is coming together on the camera, but not until you upload it onto a big screen can you really start to see all the beautiful details come to fruition. The hard graft starts now. We do all of our editing in house, a small project can take anywhere between 2 and 3 days, with larger documentaries taking upwards of a week to edit.


Your video will be delivered to you using WeTransfer file sharing. Crack out the beers, sit down and enjoy. Getting a clients feedback when they first see there project come to life is always so rewarding and often emotional, with so much time and energy invested seeing the end product is always so enjoyable.