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The Most Beautiful Boho Beach Wedding

"The Most Beautiful Boho Beach Wedding" 


You would be forgiven for thinking this may sound like the most click bate wedding blog tittle ever, but Luke and Karina's wedding day was exactly that.

The wedding day started back at Karina’s parents’ house.  A stone throws away from West Wittering Beach which is a short drive from the city of Chichester. 

Having lived at the family home for almost 30 years the literal first obstacle to overcome was removing the fence that separated the family home from the good friends and next-door long-time neighbours next door. Karina’s dad had managed to convince them to open their garden to the celebrations, allowing more space for the second marquee and revellers. I was told about the deconstruction of the fence on a previous meeting (whist being introduced to the family Tortoise) you couldn’t make it up if you tried. But credit where credit is due the venue looked incredible and tied in perfectly of Boho wedding that they were going for.


Karina and her Brides maids got ready at the house, while Luke and the Grooms men checked on everything at the beach and watched some rather ominous looking clouds roll over the top of the Isle of White. Thankfully all the stormy clouds provided was a dramatic looking backdrop over the Solent.


Watching the Karina and the bridesmaids walking down through the sand dunes was quite surreal, I knew that’s where they would walk down through, but it really did feel like something from a movie set.


The ceremony itself was a blustery and fun event, with some heart-warming speeches from family and friends followed by some sing along to get everyone in the mood for the party to come.  The groomsmen where impeccable, always on hand to supply a wind break.