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Couple walking through the woods on their wedding day

Every wedding is important to us and we would love to hear about yours

Hello lovely wedding couples. 

Planning your wedding day get in contact today. The planning stage of your wedding day should be fun not stressful, and we'd like to help make choosing a photographer a less daunting task. 

So why do we think we are the perfect option for you? Well, we don't, or I should say we don't know yet. The truth is picking a good photographer in West Sussex if you are carful and do some homework shouldn't be a difficult task. There are plenty of amazing options out there but also plenty of people winging it. So how do you differentiate.  

First off, there are a few key questions you should ask you potential wedding photographer, if they can’t or won’t answer any of the questions, we would consider this a big red flag. Read the full blog article here…


We would love to have a proper chat with you over the phone and hear more about your day, we could have a long questionnaire for you to fill out, but we still wouldn’t get a feel for you as a couple and you for us as photographers.


Please fill out the short form bellow and we will organise a time that works with you to have a real conversation about your special wedding day.

If you want to get in contact with us about your wedding day fill in the contact form bellow. If you can tell us a little about your day it will make it a bit easier during the phone call to focus on what will really work for you.

  1. Date of the wedding

  2. Location of the wedding if decided. 

  3. Number of guests 

  4. Bridal prep start time 

  5. First Dance planned time

  6. Number of guests 

  7. Have you considered having a wedding film with your photography package?

Thanks! Message sent.

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