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Your Wedding Day Investment

Investing in your wedding photographer, is that just marketing for how much it costs, yes and no, this page will guide you through what you can spend when you book us to photograph your wedding day, but we really do see it as so much more than an outgoing. Unlike the food, the wedding flowers, the drink, the wedding photographer is the one thing that you don't get to enjoy on the day (well to do try to make sure you enjoy our company, but you get the point) it is however one of the only things that you will get to continue to enjoy after the day. You will absolutely have amazing memories of the day, we have amazing memories of our daughter being born and then our son later, however they grow hazy as time drifts by, and having some of those moments eternalised in photo or video is honestly priceless. That's exactly why we call it an investment, you will spend so long planning and agonising over the smallest detail, and we think that all deserves to be remembered. A wedding day is precious, and unrepeatable. We want to document it in all its beauty. 

Documentary style wedding photography works well for couples who don't want to be forced into awkward unnatural situations on a day they just want to enjoy the moment. You will never hear us ask you to smile or pose in awkward unnatural positions. It’s your special day and we want it to remain that way. 

We would absolutely love to hear some more about your plans for the day, so please get in touch for a chat.

Extended Full Day Cover (up to 12hours)  FROM £2800

Best suits long summer weddings where the days can be very spread out.


12 hours cover. 

A minimum 600 photographs fully edited and at full resolution. This will be provided via an online gallery and a usb memory stick.

Optional Add ons: 


Hybrid Video Cover 

5 minute wedding video film for £1200

Second Photographer for 8 hours £600

newlywed couple embracing on their wedding way

The Full Works Package (10 hours)  FROM £1999

A beach wedding at sunset

10 hours of cover

A minimum 400 photographs fully edited and at full resolution. Provided via an online gallery and a usb memory stick.

Optional Add ons: 


Hybrid Video Cover 

4 minute wedding video film for £1000

Second Photographer for 8 hours £600

Short and Sweet Package (5hours)  FROM £1200

5 hours cover


A minimum 200 photographs fully edited and at full resolution.


Optional Add ons: 


Hybrid Video Cover 

4 minute wedding video film for £700

Second Photographer for 5hours £400

Happy couple at Farbridge wedding venue

Looking For Wedding Video Coverage?

What Is A Hybrid Wedding Video?


Looking through our different wedding packages you may have noticed one of the additional options that can be added is wedding videography, or as we call it "Hybrid coverage”. 

So, what is it and how does it differ from regular wedding videography? Well in many ways it doesn't differ at all. It's still a beautiful cinematic live action of your wedding day, capturing moments in an entirely different but complimentary way to the photography. 

How we differ is in our approach to how and what we capture on the day. To clear a few things up straight away, if you are looking for a long 30 minuet video of your day with speeches and every single detail captured this probably isn't for you. 

If you are looking for a beautiful 4-6 minuet social media friendly, eye friendly and friend friendly highlight video of your day please read on. Now to be clear We are not trying to take anything away from the full wedding videography crews that work around the industry, they do a fantastic job of what couples ask them to do. However, it’s our opinion that we are offering something very different and, in many ways, better.


We aim to create a video that will portray the feeling of the day, all the essence and fun in a very watchable 4–6-minute video, and it’s even entirely possible whilst just booking one of us. A big part of the appeal of what we offer is that there is potentially just one of us doing the job of what otherwise might be three or even four people. It is so much less intrusive. 


What? How can one person capture photo and video on the same day when it usually takes a crew of two to three dedicated videographers? 

As mentioned above we are not trying to achieve what the full videographer crews are. Video dedicated crews are trying to capture every moment and detail of the day, plus audio on-top of that from multiple different angles, and they are trying to deliver a full feature length film of up to 30 minutes. 

So even if We just take one of those things out it’s a huge amount less work. Even though we feel like all our couples have great voices and would sound brilliant reading out their vows, we have yet to meet any that like the idea of hearing their own voice, even fewer other people hearing it again and again on a video. So, then we have the speeches! They can be truly beautiful moments, but we think that a recording never has the nuance or authenticity of what happens and is felt in those moments live. lastly there is the fact we are trying to create a 4-6 minuet video instead of a 30 minute one, it’s just a huge amount less content we need to capture. You may feel like what justice could you really do in a 4 minute video then, all we can ask is for you to watch the video above or a few of the others we have on the website here  and judge for yourself.

We feel it's the best solution to create a stunning video of your day with a far less intrusive feel, while also creating something everyone will take the time to watch.

We offer an engagement shoot as an additional add on. There are several reasons for this, one of the main is that some couples can feel entirely uncomfortable in front of a camera, and on what can be already a high-pressure day, you certainly don't want to be anxious about me taking photos of you. By meeting up in a casual setting or even at your wedding venue we can get to know each other, and get you used to being more relaxed with a camera around. A huge part of my job as a professional photographer is making people feel as at ease as possible. I haven't met many couples that love posing, but I have yet to meet a couple that regret having posed photos of their wedding day. An engagement shoot is the perfect way to work through some ideas so that on your wedding day we can get through them as quickly as possible and get you back to the fun of the party and your guests. (Please note the free Engagement shoots are limited to the West Sussex/surrey/Hampshire area unless requested as an additional extra)

Being a Wedding photographer is an extremely rewarding, and an extremely draining job. When I photograph your wedding for you, I want not only to be 100% powered up physically, but also mentally, if was to photograph several weddings a week as a lot of Sussex and Hampshire photographer do, I do not believe I would be able to truly engage and commit to your day. Because of this I only offer out 3 wedding slots per month, once those three days are filled, I do not take any other bookings for the month. This can mean disappointing a lot of people and turning away clients, but it also creates extremely happy and content clients for the ones that have booked.  

Please get in touch as soon as possible to enquire about your date.

I really like to meet up with you as a couple before the wedding whenever possible, face to face meetings our limited to a local area, but I will always ask to set up a Skype call as a minimum just for us to get a better feel for each other. I hope by know you can see the extremely high quality of photos I produce, however if you are going to have me at your wedding day you need to be comfortable around me. 

Ideally, we would also meet up at the wedding venue a month or so before the date, just to talk through the details of timings etc and make sure you are happy with the plan of when and where we will get certain photos.

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