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Top 5 reasons why you should book an engagement session

newly engaged couple looking lovingly at each other


Engagements sessions, do you need one? And for most people the question is do we want one?



People often imagine that an engagement session is a set of photos of you down on one knee proposing to your loved one. Which in some cases is exactly what an engagement shoot is, but for most of our couples that’s not what it is or what it's intended benefits are.



So, what are the top 5 reasons to have an engagement shoot.



1. Practice makes perfect.


For us the number one reason for an engagement shoot or pre wedding session is becoming more comfortable Infront of the camera. We just want to make it clear that we have photographed countless weddings where the first time we meet the couple is on the wedding day, and the images from the day are gorgeous, but shaking of any nerves beforehand is certainly helpful.

In the world we now live in its estimated that some 4.3 billion people worldwide own smart phones and it’s safe to say we are all used to seeing pictures of ourselves. There is however still a difference between an iPhone in your face and a professional camera lens that is about twice the size of a phone. Even the most extroverted couples will benefit from getting Infront of the camera pre wedding and realising its not all that intimidating. 

At Matt Ryle Photography our style is documentary, but what does that really mean? essentially, we go for a walk have a chat and in between moments when you’re not thinking about the fact you have a camera pointed at you, we will capture some of those beautiful moments and prove to you just how wonderful you look in photos.



2. Get to know your photographer.


Wedding days are spectacular fun; however, our wedding couples spend a lot of their day doing the rounds making sure they have said hello to everyone. The one constant companion regardless of their style is the wedding photographer, after all you are investing a large amount of money into them documenting your big day, so you would hope that they are capturing those precious moments. Depending on what your day looks like the photographer will be with you from when you are getting into your dress, till your last dance on your first day as a married couple. For most couples knowing the photographer a little more intimately before their big day is real peace of mind. During an engagement shoot is a great time to break down barriers and get to know each other a little better.


3. Invites, guest books, programs.


There is a surprising amount of print that goes into a wedding day, whether it’s the innervations sent out, the guest book for your friends and family to leave a loving message in or the program of the day. So many of these things befit from bespoke imagery, and whether you like it or not everyone is coming to see you. So, adding some lovely images from a relaxed engagement shoot can be just the touch to make all the above feel personal.


4. Wedding day planning 


All wedding day planning from our prospective can be done over the phone, however it is a lot more fun, and we tend to get far more of the nuance of the day when we have an opportunity to discuss it in person, and what better way than on a fun engagement session.


5. Shout it to the roof tops.


This last point might be slightly contentious, especially amongst our more introverted couples. However, lets me clear, although a wedding day is all about you, it’s not just FOR you. All your friends and family turn up for one reason, they love you and want to celebrate that. Seeing photos of yourselves online may feel contrived to some couples, but the joy it brings to others is priceless, so, we say embrace the fun train and all aboard. 

Would you like to book an engagement shoot, just fill out the form bellow and we will get back in touch.

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