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Katie & Jolly Oli's Walking The Tree at Bignor Park Wedding

Bignor Park Estate  is Nestled away in an already beautiful part of the country based at the bottom of the south downs, a paradise nestled away in ancient oak and beech trees, a grand driveway delivers you to the iconic pink walls for the Manor House. From a wedding photography point go view the options are endless, with stunning views at every turn and wonderful features, from the dramatic backdrop of the manor to the picturesque pond with walkway and all the wonderful ancient trees that grown throughout the estate.


here at I genuinely believe that weddings can be and often are a form of meditation. Unless you are actively practicing the act of mediation there is very few opportunities in life when we completely "switch off" and are fully present in the moment. 

Not all couples opt to, but Oli and Katie asked guests not to have their phones out during the ceremony. from a photographer’s point of view, I always encourage couples to suggest this but don't want to be dogmatic about it, it most definitely spoils a photo to see Aunt Val with her iPhone stuck up above the crowd to try and grab a blurry shot of the happy couple. There's something impersonal or removed about the idea of someone having their phone out, and I think it’s just as simple as it feels like they just aren't truly in the moment, if you are paying a photographer to be at your wedding, let them be the only one who witnesses it all through a lens.


Katie spent the morning getting ready in a nearby Air b&b in the historic Arundel, a pretty little town steeped in history and views. 





After the big reveal to dad, katies wedding party headed off to the Venue, Katie was picked up in a glorious old Jaguar which looked so in keeping rolling up into Bignor Estate, the only thing that could have felt more authentic would be a horse and carriage.


The outdoor ceremony area was lovely, despite the frosty conditions Louise and the team at Bignor had a marquee feeling toasty warm for all the guests. 

Watching Katie and her bridal party walking up through the glorious gardens was a sight to behold for all, it really did feel like a scene from Bridgerton or the likes. We didn’t get many images from the gardens, the rest of the estate is so expansive that the only images are of Katie walking through, but you could base all your day in that little garden and not be disappointed with the images.





Katie and Oli are both fans of a series of books by an author David Gemmel, he writes historic fantasy booked about wholesome lives lived in the mountains, hero’s doing the right thing, and sometimes the wrong thing, and the union of two spirits being treasured above almost all else, he occasionally describes the strong, independent and sometimes fearsome women in his novels as “one to walk the mountains with” and this could not fit more perfectly with the bride of the day. In a few of his first novels Gemmel also writes about the ceremony of “walking the tree” where the couple circle a grand old oak tree, displaying their love for each other in this symbolic act. Which Oli and Katie decided to do on the day, Bignor Park happens to have a rather wonderful old oak sitting down in its grounds overlooking the South Downs. It was a sight to behold.






As mentioned, the opportunities for couples to have endless magazine worthy photos of their day are all around. This day was a slightly rushed event for some personal family reasons, and even more so than normal felt important to maximise time with family and friends and not getting images of the couple. We spent a little time on around the oak tree and some time on a beautiful little swing that is set up and then headed inside to the guests.






Katie and Oli had around 100 guests at their wedding day, and the inside area set up in the old horse stables was plenty big enough for this size party, I’m not sure what the maximum would be, but it didn’t feel tight even though it’s certainly not the largest dining area I’ve taken photos in. (I’d just like to clarify, when I say horse stables, they must have been the most papered horses in West Sussex, it’s a stunning building with lots of charm)






During the speeches I got quite emotional. I stay very professional on a wedding day usually, but I’m also human and sometimes certain situations get the better of me, and what I witnessed was two people that where so desperately loved by their friends, and the love that came across in the speeches almost felt, like in a strange way they were losing a part of each person by them becoming joined as one.

The rest of the evening was powerful and emotive, loud heart felt sea shanties where sung into the night and dancing and laughter was everywhere.











I would personally love to thank Louise who runs the show down at Bignor, she was amazing, she goes so above and beyond to make sure the day run perfectly, and the Bride and Groom never need to worry about a thing. She was also so accommodating to me, making sure I was well hydrated and looked after in general, which isn't always the case at venues. I'm not saying it’s their responsibility to make sure the trades are ok on the day, but it certainly helps me maximise being able to just concentrate on the Bride and Groom the whole time. So, BIG thanks Louise.


A photo of a bride in her wedding dress, standing by a window beautifully lit by the morning light
The bride standing by a wonderful old classic jaguar car on her wedding day waiting to walk down the aisle.
walking up the beautiful wedding aisle at Bignor Park
Groom picking up his bride in emotional embrace
Sunset wedding photos while couple stand on fallen tree
moments before the bride gets married
happy bride in warm winter wedding
Bride and groom looking into each others eyes durning vowels
The moment before getting married
walking the tree at Bignor park during married couples wedding day
Enjoying playful momments together on their wedding day
emotional family at wedding day speeches
Best man giving emotional speech at best friends wedding
Bride celebrating during evening dancing
Groom and best man embrace after a evening of fun
Newlyweds embrace after a long and beautiful wedding day
A evening kiss for a beautiful bride and groom on their wedding day
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