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Grace & Myles The White Horse
8th June  2024

What a magical wedding day. From a wedding photographers perspective you cant ask for much more than Myles and Graces wedding day. Beautiful scenery nestled away at the bottom of the South Downs, so much laughter, love and dancing madness.

The day started with Grace getting ready at the Stunning White Horse, a venue which sits tucked away just bellow the wonderful area of outstanding beauty of Kingly Vale, if you where so inclined a short hike from the White Horse would get you up into the South Downs and all its beauty, but even if that's not your idea of fun on your wedding day there's enough open spaces all around the pub to get all the wonderful images you could ever want. 

Grace had her makeup done by a local specialist who was wonderful, really easy to work along side and definitely felt like she cared about her work. The restaurant had been accented with some seriously beautiful flowers from  I still get amazed by how much difference good floristry can make to a space. After a hour getting some detail shots general pre wedding fun I wished Grace good luck and headed of to meet Myles in Chichester. They where getting married at Edes House

Some people are put of by the idea of a registry office, but I love Edes House, from a photography stand point its wonderful, a historical building with beautiful architecture and great team behind the scenes, plus a stone through away you have the stunning Bishop Palace Gardens where you can get some amazing images after your ceremony. 

I Met Myles and his Best men in a local Bub where some nerve easing pool and banter was taking place, it was such a relaxed fun atmosphere and you could really feel how much Myles friends care about him.

After the Ceremony in the top room at Edes House, we had decided to go for a wonder around Bishop Palace Gardens. It really is such a special place hidden away in the middle of Chichester. Even on a sunny busy day, and a Bride and Groom in tow, we still managed to find some secluded spots and capture some wonderful images.

Off to the White Horse. The set up at The White Horse is great, there a big lawn for either a marquee or games. A good side patio area, plus a really cool van which has been converted into an outside cocktail bar. 

After everyone had the wonderful meals prepared in house, the evening games and drinking commenced, followed by plenty of drinks at the cocktail bar. I managed to steal the Bride and Groom away for a few minutes in the evening to get a few shots of the two of them. This can sometimes feel like a difficult thing to do, you have invited all the special people in your life to this one day, and you don't really want to spend it with the wedding photographer, the reality is though it is almost always a really lovely thing for the couples, plus I get all the images we need. It might well be the first time all day that you are able to spend any real time with just the two of you, it certainly was for Myles and Grace.

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