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Vic and Rob Stunning Fairy Tale Wedding 

The Woodland Wedding Video

The Two Woods Estate is so special, and Vic & Robs wedding in October really was like something out of a fairy tale. 

The woods where the ceremony takes place is not an afterthought/facade to make a good wedding venue, it’s quite the opposite. They are an extensive haven for nature to thrive that has been established for decades, and then sympathetically managed so that weddings can take place within them. Nothing is too polished or manicured, be prepared for guests to potentially get a bit of mud on their shoes, and I mean that in the most wholesome way possible, it was so refreshing being in a location that feels and is alive.

The day started with Vic getting ready up in the estate’s beautiful accommodation, the room is strangely equally suited to large and small wedding parties. Vic had her sister with her to get ready and it felt intimate and cosy, however it was a vast room, and I can easily imagine a large bridal party of 10 plus feeling very comfortable. 

One of the big positives from a photographer’s point of view is the room is so light and airy, with lovely details like skylights which let lots of soft woodland light into the space but also provide amazing angles for dress shots.

A stunning clasical wedding dress backlit in the morning sunshine

After getting all our preparation shots and some details photos we headed downstairs to meet with the groom Rob, who had one of the warmest most photogenic smiles you can imagine. We went for a quick walk from the corner to get a few photos of Rob and his daughter getting a few last details ready, it was a beautiful moment to witness, there is something so lovely about couples getting married with older children, the kids are always just so excited to be included, and in this case dressed like a woodland fairly to go along with the rest of the day. 

father and daughter in the woods on his wedding day

We were lucky with the weather on the day, being an October wedding, we could have got anything. 

One of the biggest benefits of the being in a woodland though is regardless of the weather you end up sheltered, if its pouring rain and windy the trees take some of the battering, if its scorching sunshine shade is ample and wonderful light dapples through the branches. 

We may well have had the ultimate for Rob and Vic's day, a very light rain shower in the morning which left small diamonds dripping from the pine needles and a light mist, but by the time Vic was ready the sun had pushed its way through, and we were backlit perfectly as she made her way up the aisle.

Bride at Two Woods Estate perfectly lit by the morning woodland sunshine
Natural confetti as Rob and Vic walk back down the aisle together celebrating their marriage

Two woods are happy for couples to have natural confetti, although it is a bit more expensive, I'm not sure why you'd ever have anything else really, especially in an environment like this. I'd like to think that we have always been environmentally conscious, but having two children ourselves has brought it home even harder. I think that's at least in part why we loved the venue so much, celebrating the wonder that is all around us built by nature. Give us a mountain and a tent and we are a happy family, well, maybe some hot chocolate and marshmallows for the kids as well.

After the ceremony we walked down to the stone circle, a very atmospheric spot where couples can just have a few moments to themselves and embrace the moment of finally being married.

The stone circle in the woodlands frames the stunning bride and groom in their woodland fairy tale wedding

The final part of the day was spent back under the speckled light of the fur trees, Rob & Vic had a relatively short day and elected to stay down in the splendour of the woods enjoying some cocktails and wonderful food supplied by Two Woods 

A wonderful day spent outside in the great outdoors, surrounded by a stunning woodland and good company.

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